Under the burning sun

On the continent of Omora there lies a vast desert. Its name loosely translates to “Golden sea” from draconic. Though a place like this should be inhospitable it is in fact the home of the Daro Orderate, an empire of Humans and High Elves who settled here long ago.

Improbable location

In the centre of the desert, where is should rain least and water should be scarce, is the capital of the Daro Orderate The Oasis City: Setski. In the centre of the city is a huge monolith built by a civilisation long past, now surrounded by the Sultan’s opulent palace and lavish gardens. Even more strangely, scholars and arcanists have been able to predict the rain in the area with ease. None have found been able to find proof of what causes it; some say the city is blessed by the god of luck, others due to the flow of the magical and positioning of ley-lines. Whatever the reason the city has become a sprawling metropolis filled with those from all over the world.

The here and now

For their own reasons, five outsiders have made their way to the city, whether it be for the vast libraries and wizarding academies, the market and spices or the common masses to swindle or convert; they may find more than they planned.

The Golden Sea

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