Enna Orn-Melon


Birth and Early Life

Born on the first day of the month of growth, a divine signal from Ehlonna, goddess of woodland, was a sure sign the Ara would grow to become one with a great connection to Ehlonna, perhaps rising to join her once her time on this world is spent.

Ara was raised by the priestesses in the towns’ sole temple, although she still had a close relationship with her family, especially her older brother Alwen.

The Start of the Journey

The eve before her 111th birthday, Ara was visited in her sleep be Ehlonna. Although scared at first, thinking a demon had come for her, Ara soon realised the truth. That night, Ara learnt that she was destined for greatness under the service of her goddess and that this would mean sacrifice of the worst kind.

The next day, Ara declared herself an adult; taking the name Enna, roughly translating into the common language as warrior of trees. That night, whilst the town was sleeping, she snuck into the temples’ armory, taking a shield inscribed with Ehlonnas’ unicorn horn symbol. With just this; the clothes on her back; a backpack with a small number of essentials and the blessing of Ehlonna, Enna began her life away from civilization.

Journey to Setski

After almost one year of travel, returning to civilization only to pick up any necessary equipment (various pieces of second hand chain mail; a formerly dull, rusty long sword and the occasional piece of food), Enna found herself within a good days walk of her former home. Wanting to see her friends and family again, Enna made the journey. However, upon arrival, rather than the loving community she had left, she found only rabid wolves and spying birds. Rather than homely shelters of wood and twine, she found husks and piles of ash. Instead of luscious flora and thriving farmland she found… nothing. It had all gone. The people she loved, the places she knew and the trees climbed; all gone.

Distraught, Enna hurried to the one place she had ever called home, Ehlonnas’ temple. It was just like all the other buildings: black, half standing and tainted with evil. The only sign of life was a mouse, petrified, although why she could not discern. All she knew was that this was the only thing that remained of her home, and that she would carry it with her as a reminder of it for as long as she lived.

Enna took to wondering the forest, devoid of purpose and character. It seemed even Ehlonna had deserted her. In this moment of need, she happened upon a small hollow, home to a lone hermit, practiced in druidcraft. Thinking he might hold answers, Enna enquired about the attack on her home. She learnt that barely two months ago, some creature, seemingly of abhorrent origin, had been sighted in the forest. The druid knew of nothing more, but suggested to Enna that she might find more information from the right people in Setski, The Oasis City, capital of the Daro Orderate empire of Humans and High Elves. Grateful for the help, Enna set out towards the city at once.

During her journey, Enna found herself staying in the town of Kardu, just two days ride south east of her destination. After the events of The road to Setski, she began the final part of the journey to discover the fate of her home.

Enna Orn-Melon

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