Phrexia Vitae


Blonde long hair, Hazel eyes, Charming face.
Height: 5’ 11"
Weight: 9 lbs
Age: 23


Temple Life
I was born in Setski and brought up by my parents in a temple to Mishakal, the goddess of healing. My parents were very devoted to temple life and so am I. I do normal jobs like going to the market to buy medicines and foods, tending to the ill and injured or cleaning around the temple.
It was around 01:00 am on new years day when she came, down from the heavens in a rush of light. Mishakal was there standing before me, a warm aura emanating from her body. She spoke, “You will take the trials in 2 years time, prepare my child” and with that she was gone. I rushed to my parents and told them everything, they didn’t seem shocked.
My parents have been training me in the ways of spell-casting and defense. The days are long and tiring but I must prepare for the trials, for she said very little. I don’t know much but it’s just enough for the time being.

Phrexia Vitae

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