The Golden Sea

The road to Setski
Adventure recap

Enna, Scyria and Talin all found themselves in the town of Kardun, two days travel from each of there intended destinations, the oasis city of Setski.

After spending the night in nearby lodgings, Scyria discovered information from the elderly barkeep about a caravan in the south of the city looking to hire guards for its journey to Setski. Intrigued and looking for work, she headed to find it after a small breakfast.

Whilst busy looking for transport to Setski, Talin noticed two robed figures dragging a dark skinned man into a side alley. Concerned, he chases after the figures, but is barely unable to get to them before they barricade themselves in a nearby house. Unperturbed, the Drow managed to climb the 20 feet up to the open second storey window. Upon entering, he attracts the attention of one of the figures. The ensuing combat attracts the attention of two females passing the building: Scyria and Enna Orn-Melon, who both rush towards the alley to attempt the help.

Combat is quick and messy. Talin managed to send his assailant to his death at the bottom of the stairs behind him while Enna attempts to break through the door. After failing to do as Talin did, Scyria begins to help Enna with the door. Talin, however, finds a set of keys on the newly created corpse and lets the pair in.

The trio enter a room to find the man from in the clutches of the second robed man. Realising the hopelessness of his situation he attempts to flee, but chooses death over punishment and plunges his own dagger into his chest. Enna then heals the man, who they discover to be a spice merchant by the name of Jamril Droverson.

Talin and Content Not Found: scyra run to the corpse of the last robed man, only to find it has turned into a grey ooze. They dispatch it easily and Talin searches what is left of its clothes to find a strange holy symbol: a blob black translucent glass with a single small emerald suspended within it.

The party then use the keys they had found to open the locked door down the left turn in the corridor and find a room with a long dead corpse and a strange circle of sigils on the floor. After identifying the sigils as some form of transportation magic the party decide to leave it alone and search the room, where they find a pouch with 10 silver pieces and two potions of minor acid resistance. The trio then agree to travel to Setski with Jamril.

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