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  • Enna Orn-Melon

    *Birth and Early Life* Born on the first day of the month of growth, a divine signal from Ehlonna, goddess of woodland, was a sure sign the Ara would grow to become one with a great connection to Ehlonna, perhaps rising to join her once her time on …

  • Talin

    I have lived my life in a monastery. Left by by parents on their dorstep with only a single letter for me to remember them. I was shown it when I was seven. It said I should be trained as a warrior monk.

  • Alwen Orn-Melon

    h1. Early Life Alwen Orn-Melon (child name - Adair - meaning, "Dweller by the oak tree") grew up in the woodland realm of Rhyl, in the town of [[Ruthin - Ruined Town of Wood Elves | Ruthin]]. His life was simple, yet meaningful. He grew and learnt, no …

  • Phrexia Vitae

    *Temple Life* I was born in Setski and brought up by my parents in a temple to Mishakal, the goddess of healing. My parents were very devoted to temple life and so am I. I do normal jobs like going to the market to buy medicines and foods, tending to the …

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